Manufacturing Solutions

ERPLX for manufacturing and GCD Consulting

By minimizing the number of manual interventions in manufacturing to customer demand, ERPLX will help your company eliminate waste and improve productivity. GCD Consulting will provide your company with a faster implementation and a lower bottom line cost.

Improve Business Processes

Getting products to market faster is a race that accelerates every day. With markets growing globally and customer requirements constantly shifting, keeping pace is a challenge, especially when your other essential business drivers include keeping your costs low and quality levels high. You also must manage the item variability that makes process manufacturing unique. The key is having an ERP system with advanced planning and manufacturing functionality built specifically for the challenges process manufacturers face.

Experience Counts

At GCD Consulting, our manufacturing professionals—all with more than 25 years of experience—are helping companies solve their toughest challenges. With our manufacturing expertise, we can help provide your company with a cost effective ERPLX implementation. GCD Consulting and ERPLX will help your company:

  • Improve efficiency

  • Improve productivity

  • Reduce costs

  • Speed time to market

  • Meet customer expectations

  • Improve forecasting

  • Manufacture by exception without increasing costs

ERPLX is a complete solution designed for process manufacturing. ERPLX the latest BPCS offering was developed to address the needs of process manufacturers in a global environment.

ERPLX facilitates more rapid implementation, supports multiple modes and lean manufacturing concepts which will result in more efficient use of people and capacity.

GCD Consulting has extensive experience with ERPLX expertise in all aspects of manufacturing including:

  • Inventory Management allows management to better plan and control all types of inventory including finished goods, raw materials, purchased stock and work-in-progress.
  • Advanced Process Manufacturing provides forward and backward lot tracing, potency setup, standard batch manipulation of ingredients, batch balancing, co-product and by-product production, costing and campaign-planning.
  • Capacity Planning provides company executives vital feedback to production planning and effective management of production plans.
  • Configuration Management supports the configuration of products that have a complex set of optional components or dimensional variability, which will meet customer's order entry specifications.
  • Just-In-Time and Repetitive Manufacturing (JIT) supports repetitive demand/production management. JIT allows the creation of production schedules based on run rates.
  • Master Production Scheduling (MPS) fully utilizes multi-level planning bills of material to support demand from group forecasting. It supports customer order entry, and DRP supply chain.
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP) provides on-line material planning capability. This will allow the production planner to modify production schedules to meet customer requirements and internal stocking needs.
  • Quality Management System (QMS) and Laboratory Management System (LMS) supports quality assurance and production control functions. It insures that products conform to their specification.
  • Shop Floor Control will allow an enterprise to make a material capacity inquiry and perform an ad hoc "what if" analysis before releasing a shop order.
The Bottom Line
  • ERPLX has process manufacturing-specific functionality built in to reduce the need for customization.

  • GCD Consulting can speed up your ERP/LX implementation time.

  • GCD Consulting and ERPLX can provide an immediate ROI.

  • GCD Consulting and ERPLX will help make your company operate leaner.

  • GCD Consulting and ERPLX will help you do smarter planning.

  • GCD Consulting and ERP/LX will help make your manufacturing operations more efficient.

  • GCD Consulting and ERPLX will help to give your company a competitive advantage in the current global environment.

GCD Consulting will provide a quality ERP/LX implementation for a lower bottom line cost.

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