Implementations & Upgrades

Why choose GCD Consulting as your consulting partner for an ERPLX implementation or upgrade?

  • All of our consultants have more than 25 years experience with BPCS Implementations, Upgrades and various related BPCS projects.
  • We have extensive experience with ERPLX upgrades and are familiar with all of the available modules in LX
  • We have extensive financial experience including CEA (CEF)
  • We have extensive supply chain experience (SCM)
  • We have expertise in all aspects of Manufacturing
  • We have extensive DRP experience
  • We have experience with OLM
  • We have technical expertise needed for a successful upgrade
  • We can provide application development in RPG ILE
  • We have extensive experience with AS/SET.
  • We have extensive experience with Bar Coding and Data Collection implementation and integration with BPCS & ERPLX
  • We have extensive experience with ECM
  • We have expertise on various EDI packages including TLE
  • We have experience providing top quality training courses for all of the above
  • We can provide top quality project management on an ERPLX upgrade.
  • We have very competitive rates.
  • We work rapidly and accurately to provide a quality implementation with a lower total cost for our clients.
  • If the goal in upgrading is to provide a better business processes with a significant return on investment, our consulting group is the best choice to achieve that goal.

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  • Global BPCS & ERPLX Service Providers
  • Approved Infor Service Provider
  • Our Consultants Average More Than 25 years of BPCS and ERPLX Experience