Project Management Services

Experience and High Level Expertise

GCD Consulting has project managers with more than 25 years experience managing BPCS projects, and extensive experience managing ERPLX upgrades. One of the main keys to a successful, low risk implementation is a knowledgeable and experienced project manager.

Our project managers have the expertise and the experience to develop a quality and in depth project plan. They are experts at putting the right resources into the project. They can adapt to requirement changes made during the implementation.

They have the ability to communicate and to work well with the upper management, the IT department and the individual users. If specialty resources are required, our project managers can provide them.

The Bottom Line

All of our project managers have been trained in all ERPLX modules and can keep the project on track so that it can be finished on time and on budget. GCD Consulting can provide all of your Project Management Needs.

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  • Our Consultants Average More Than 25 years of BPCS and ERPLX Experience