EDI Services

Electronic Data Interchange

GCD Consulting provides comprehensive EDI services. Our EDI Consultants have years of experience integrating most EDI translators with enterprise applications. For BPCS and ERPLX customers, GCD Consulting has ECM consultants, and extensive experience interfacing EDI translators. We support the following EDI applications:

  • EXTOL B2B Integration Software
  • Inovis EDI400 and TrustedLink
  • TLE BPCS imbedded translator

GCD Consulting has EDI consultants with expertise in the following areas:

  • ANSI-X12 and USC EDI standards (including 810,850,855, 856, 875 and 880 transaction sets, inbound and outbound)
  • BPCS 4.3-5.1 and 4.05CD EDIPath
  • BPCS 6.0-8.2 ECM
  • VAN experience
  • EDI Implementation
  • Integration
  • Mapping
  • Maintenance

We are proud to recommend EXTOL B2B Integration Software and its family of products and services. EXTOL International helps lean organizations implement and manage complex, heterogeneous trading partner connections and data integration – at a fraction of the time, cost, and effort required by other solutions.

EXTOL software products and managed services make it easier for trading partners to do business with your company. We give you the power to integrate with partners on their unique terms, including standard EDI, standard or proprietary XML, partner-defined spreadsheets or flat files, web services, secure FTP, AS2, VAN, or email.

At the core of the EXTOL software is an Integration Broker (engine) which is capable of importing as a source or a target any file-format. Once imported, data (in any format) can be qualified, processed (automating business processes, notifications, messages, reports) and mapped between heterogeneous or disparate systems.

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  • Global BPCS & ERPLX Service Providers
  • Approved Infor Service Provider
  • Our Consultants Average More Than 25 years of BPCS and ERPLX Experience