Assessment Services

GCD Consulting provides assessment services for clients who want or need to improve their business processes. We can provide a client with the analysis needed to maximize technology investments by matching tactical technical solutions with strategic business objectives. Our assessment is a hands-on, results oriented approach that produces results.

These assessments are conducted by our Principal Application and Technical consultants with a minimum 25 years' experience. Our consultants will:

  • Review strategic business objectives and marketplace dynamics
  • Conduct in-depth, interview based analysis of your current procedures
  • Review current technology and its uses in your organization
  • Provide recommendations for Business Process improvements

The business consultants at GCD Consulting will deliver a comprehensive, detailed document that outlines specific technology initiatives that you can take, and that will result in better alignment of your technology to your strategic business objectives, which can provide a client with an improved bottom line.

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  • Global BPCS & ERPLX Service Providers
  • Approved Infor Service Provider
  • Our Consultants Average More Than 25 years of BPCS and ERPLX Experience