Spreadsheet Automation Services

Spreadsheet Server for BPCS

Are you currently preparing your financial analysis and reports for your BPCS general ledger in Microsoft Excel? Would you like to automate your Excel processes using data from your BPCS GL?

Executive Dash

Business managers need access to key business information in Microsoft Excel, data that must be dynamic and accurate. Executive DASH allows users to build a range of reports from simple ad hoc workbooks to complex dashboard-type views of this critical business data. Executive DASH works as a powerful Microsoft Excel add-in to seamlessly retrieve any data on the network and return that dynamic data, whether in summary or detail, from multiple data sources, into your spreadsheet.

Enterprise Budgeting

Do you have difficulty preparing your budget workbooks for numerous business units? Is it time consuming for you to distribute, track and collect workbooks? Do you want to be able to incorporate data from Microsoft Excel models into your budget?

Distribution Manager

Distribution Manager leverages the functionality of Microsoft Excel while automating the delivery of key business information to your critical users. Eliminate the time-consuming tasks of printing, copying, or creating email attachments just to get information to your end-users. Empower your users with a tool that delivers this business-critical information in an easy and efficient manner.

Spreadsheet Server- Designer GL Series

Spreadsheet Server is a powerful Excel add-in which brings dynamic data from your General Ledger directly into Excel spreadsheets. You have complete control over the design and content of your reports using only Excel features and functions. Summary balances and detail drill down can be retrieved and manipulated within the desktop tool everyone is familiar with, Excel.

Data Agent Server

Data Agent Server can monitor all applications for specified business activities and deliver an integrated, contextual view of the required information, allowing people to make informed decisions and take intelligent actions.

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