About Us

  • Our Vision
    • To provide the highest quality cost effective ERP consulting for BPCS and ERPLX clients across the globe.

  • Our Mission
    • To continue to build a world class consulting firm consisting of the very best BPCS and ERPLX consultants in order to support our clients business needs and provide them with business solutions.

  • Our Goals
    • To develop long term relationships with our clients and business partners
    • To provide cost effective consulting services
    • To provide the best available resources for our clients technology needs
    • To provide the best technology solutions available for our clients business needs
  • Our History
    • GCD Consulting was founded in 2008 by three veteran ERP consultants with extensive experience in the industrial sector. In only a few months, GCD has built a flawless reputation for providing the cost effective successful implementations and upgrades of ERP systems to meet our clients’ business requirements. By specializing in BPCS and ERPLX we have been able to provide needed business solutions for a growing list of clients.

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  • Bonnie D. BryantSenior Principal Consultant
  • G. Brad FordSenior Principal Consultant
  • Bruce C. BryantSenior Principal Consultant