Supply Chain Solutions

ERPLX improves supply chain efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
GCD Consulting can provide a cost effective SCM implementation in a shorter timeframe.

Improve Business Processes

Enterprising manufacturers must satisfy two sets of requirements: Their own and their customers'. It's not an easy challenge. Customers are more demanding than ever, and their wants can seem to be in direct conflict with your need for lean, efficient processes. There is a way to synchronize both—through effective supply chain management, translating customer requirements into orders, and integrating them into your planning operations, and execution systems. From forecasting to procurement, from production scheduling to order fulfillment, the key is having the right technology to help your supply chain meet all your customers' requirements—and your own.

Experience Counts

At GCD Consulting our BPCS & ERPLX professionals—all with more than 25 years of experience—are helping companies like yours solve their toughest supply chain issues. We have extensive experience with ERPLX implementations and years of experience with all aspects of Supply Chain Management.

Get Rapid Results

ERPLX's functionality can:
  • Reduce the need for customization.

  • Speed up implementation time

  • Deliver an immediate return on investment.

  • Reduced costs and improved planning

  • Maximized throughput

  • Improved perfect order rates.

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Increased productivity

  • Shortened cycle times

An enterprise's ability to respond to customer needs is the key to its success. Many companies are making that responsiveness a high priority with regard to their operations. ERPLX makes it possible for your company to meet your customer's highest expectations and at the same time, meet your company's goals and business requirements.

An enterprise that can respond rapidly to growing customer demand can create a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. ERPLX can facilitate that responsiveness throughout the supply chain from vendor to customer

ERPLX Supply Chain Management features include:
  • Forecasting determines the most recent demand history and generates a forcast that helps to facilitate planning for the year ahead.

  • Promotions, Deals, and Trade Funds Management facilitates planning, control and tracking of spending related to selling and marketing consumer products. It provides a comprehensive plan for spending, committing, and tracking funds all the way to payment settlements and tracking customer and product profitability.

  • Customer Order Management improves customer order processing. It has the flexibility to define and profile customers, and the way your company is expected to conduct business with them. Customer Order Management provides proper customer segmentation, specification, and pricing management. It enables your company to meet or exceed SLA's and to improve perfect order rates.

  • Release Management Perform day-to-day release management functions. It provides tightly integrated functionality for release processing. It can facilitate daily JIT requirement processing packaging, exception reporting, retroactive invoicing, and customer self-billing.

  • Distribution Resources Planning and Outbound and Inbound Logistics Management provides visibility into the distribution network and actively manages logistics while at the same time, reducing costs and meeting SLAs.

  • Purchasing provides dynamic purchasing capabilities including multiple purchase order releases, online requisitions, quotes, optional three-way match of purchase order, inventory receipt, and automatic conversion of purchasing-to-stocking unit of measure upon receipt.

  • Inventory Management provides accurate information for the planning and control of finished goods, in process material and raw material inventory. Inventory management provides summary and detail analysis to facilitate production control and to provide timely information to accounting. It also provides a subsystem for complete cycle counting and physical inventory reconciliation.

The Bottom Line
  • ERPLX is a comprehensive solution for improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your supply chain, from vendor to customer.

  • GCD Consulting and ERPLX can help manage orders and provide accurate forecasting.

  • GCD Consulting and ERPLX can help improve trade funds management.

  • GCD Consulting and ERPLX can improve the management of pricing and promotions.

  • GCD Consulting and ERPLX can help to provide world-class customer service.

  • GCD Consulting and ERPLX can help your company increase sales.

  • GCD Consulting and ERPLX can facilitate customer segmentation.

  • GCD Consulting and ERPLX can facilitate the up-sell and cross-sell process.

GCD Consulting can provide a quality SCM implementation for a lower bottom line cost.

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