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Improve Business Processes

To be successful and effective, it is important that your financial processes support your business strategies. Companies must have the agility to investigate new opportunities. A company must be able to grow and expand to multiple sites and globally. Global companies must be able to comply with local tax laws wherever they are located. They must be able to work with multicurrency. Their business systems must be able to deal with multiple languages, and be able to accept multiple methods of payment for their global customers and vendors. In the 21st Century, most companies require an integrated solution that will address the challenges of global growth, and that can facilitate reduced overhead and increase efficiency. ERPLX Financials addresses all of those needs. GCD Consulting can help you to implement ERPLX financials cost effectively and in a shorter timeframe.

Experience Counts

GCD Consulting has consultants with more than 25 years of experience implementing integrated financial management systems that can facilitate global business. The consultants at GCD Consulting have implemented every version of BPCS Financials and have extensive experience with ERPLX. GCD Consulting can help companies to gain a competitive advantage over their competition. They are experienced in all aspects of ERPLX Financials and have the skill sets to work rapidly and accurately to implement ERPLX Financials.

ERPLX Financials Features and Benefits include:
  • Purchasing (PUR) and Accounts Payable (ACP) are functions that can be integrated with any procure-to-pay process, This is an necessary step to allow for the evaluation of vendors and purchasing performance, as well as for the management and control of requisitions, repetitive supplier schedules, purchase orders, receiving, liabilities and payments.

  • Promotions, Deals and Pricing (PRO), Trade Funds Management (TFM), Accounts Receivable (ACR), Advanced Remittance Processing (ARP), and Credit and Deduction Management all of these functions are integrated into a seamless business process that minimizes the order cash cycle and improves cash flow, providing a transparent view into the profitability of products and customers.

  • Configurable Ledger (CLD), Enterprise Structures and Consolidations (ENT), and Advanced Budgeting and Analysis (CBA) provides greatly improved reporting and analysis of information, separate from the Chart of Accounts design. It allows Information from different companies, ledgers, or books to be analyzed without making changes to the general ledger data.

  • Cost Accounting and Control (CST) is a flexible, fully functional costing system. ERPLX Financials completely integrates with the ERPLX Supply Chain Management and ERPLX Multi-Mode Manufacturing product suites for accurate, complete breakdown and buildup of product costs and batch costs for purchasing and manufacturing.

  • Draft Management (CSH) provides the payment tools and international functionality required to compete in a global market.

  • Fixed Assets (FXA) provides anything needed to control and manage all types of property, including plant, and equipment. It recognizes the potential changes in depreciation methods, FXA is flexible in its approach to the book and tax accounting implications of capital assets.

Get Rapid Results
  • ERPLX Financials help companies become more agile in the current global financial environment.

  • ERPLX Financials will allow enterprises to maintain customer orders, invoices, and payments in an unlimited number of currencies.

  • ERPLX Financials support multi-currency transactions.

  • ERPLX Financials provide tax processing support for multi-company and global environments.

  • ERPLX Financials reduces the need for customization has built-in expertise that reduces

  • ERPLX Financials reduces implementation time over previous BPCS applications.

  • ERPLX Financials can provide an immediate ROI.

  • ERPLX Financials Integrated processes in a single solution

  • ERPLX Financials provide correct responses to every transaction across the supply chain

  • ERPLX Financials can provide improved transparency for better decision-making

  • ERPLX Financials can provide support for looking into global opportunities and efficiencies

  • ERPLX Financials facilitate compliance with tax and financial reporting requirements globally.

  • ERPLX Financials can provide clear visibility across the enterprises financial organization

  • ERPLX Financials meets and understands your financial requirements.

  • ERPLX Financials can help you maintain positive vendor relations while optimizing internal cash flow.

GCD Consulting can help your company to implement ERPLX Financials cost effectively and in a shorter timeframe. We have the experience and the expertise to provide your company with a quality implementation for less.

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