How to plan for a successful ERPLX
Implementation or Upgrade

  • Do your homework. Make sure that ERPLX has the functionality that best fits your business requirements.
  • Select the right consulting partner for your implementation or upgrade. You will need to rely on the company that you select for their experience in implementing and getting the best functionality from ERPLX. You can't afford to hire a team of consultants who don't know what they're doing. You also can't afford to pay a less experienced company to learn the package at your expense. The company you choose needs technical and application resources. In most cases, specialty resources are needed. Your consulting partner needs to be able to provide in depth user training. Above all, the consulting company you hire needs to be able to work effectively with you, your upper management and your internal resources.
  • Plan your ERPLX implementation or upgrade very carefully. Make sure that you have a detailed project plan that includes realistic timelines. List on the project plan what has to be done and who is going to do it. A realistic project plan is critical for a successful implementation or upgrade.
  • Assign your very best internal resources to the project. Underestimating what is required from the internal project team can adversely effect an implementation or upgrade. The skills, experience and effort of these internal resources is a very necessary element in a successful implementation. Often it is not easy to free up your best people, but their expertise and cooperation on this project will not only reduce your implementation costs, but will also help to shape the operation of the business for many years.
  • Make sure that upper management is on board. If your organization senses that the senior management is not 100% behind the project, they won't care about it either. There are bound to be conflicts with the day to day running of the business. These issues need to be managed carefully. In order to be successful, the project needs to be driven from the top down.
  • Plan for effective user training. The system doesn't run by itself. The users need to be trained to run the system properly. Proper education ensures your company will benefit from your new system/functionality.
  • Plan for modifications, interfaces and reports. If you need functionality not provided by ERPLX, plan ahead for the needed modifications. Although ERPLX can provide greatly increased functionality, you may still need in some cases to modify the system. Your project plan should address those needs. You should also plan to have interfaces written between ERPLX and third party software. Include in your project plan, any reports that you will need to have developed so that you will have them ready at "go live".
  • Manage Change Proactively. Implementing a new system always results in change. Business processes and procedures change. Job descriptions will need to be updated. Employees don't always react well to changes. Sometimes they are afraid of what those changes will be and how it will affect their job. It is important to proactively manage that change in order to insure a successful cutover.
  • At GCD Consulting, we understand the complexities of an ERPLX implementation or upgrade. All of our consultants have more than 25 years experience with BPCS projects, and extensive experience with ERPLX upgrades. We can perform an assessment to determine what if any value might be gained from implementing ERPLX. We can help you develop a detailed project plan. We have expertise and experience in all of the ERPLX modules. We have the technical and application resources needed to help companies to succeed on their implementation project. We have specialty resources. We can interface third party packages with ERPLX including bar coding and data collection, EDI translators and many other third party packages. We can make modifications to ERPLX if needed. We can develop all of the reports you need in a variety of formats. We can provide custom forms development. We can provide in depth training in all areas. Finally, we know how to work effectively with information technology departments, upper management and end users. We know Financials, Supply Chain and Manufacturing and can help companies to reap the best possible outcomes on their ERPLX implementations and upgrades.

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