Budgeting For an ERPLX Implementation or Upgrade

Preparing a budget for an ERPLX implementation or upgrade is not only necessary but also critical to the success of the project. Successful budgeting will be complete and realistic. It is extremely important that all potential implementation costs have been examined and included in the document. GCD Consulting does not sell ERPLX software or iSeries hardware. We can, however serve as a valuable resource in determining the total cost of an implementation for budgeting purposes. In the case of a new implementation, software licensing costs must be considered. In addition, new iSeries hardware may be required. In the case of an upgrade, an enterprise needs to be current on their maintenance with Infor. If the company is on maintenance, they should be entitled to the software needed to perform the upgrade. They should also be entitled to the source code. Once hardware and software issues are considered, implementation costs should be examined. GCD Consulting can provide all of the implementation and upgrade services your enterprise will need. Below is a list of critical items to be considered in the budgeting process.

Technical Considerations

  • Hardware*
  • ERPLX Application and Licensing
  • Maintenance fees**
  • iSeries Database*
  • iSeries Operating System*
  • Interfaces†
  • Modifications†
  • System Validation†
  • Network and Technical Communications†
  • Hosting†

Application Resources

  • Education and Training†
  • Project Management†
  • Change Management†
  • External Consultancy Support†
  • Backfilling For Internal Project Team Members‡

Some of these costs may be reduced by utilizing internal resources. You must, however, calculate the cost of using those internal resources, and the time it may take if those resources are inexperienced with implementations and upgrades.

Sending out an RFI (Request for Information) can provide you with invaluable knowledge related to the overall costs related to the implementation or upgrade. The RFI should include information of the scope of the project, the expected number of users and some high level functional requirements.

An ERPLX implementation or upgrade can bring about significant change in an enterprise. It also brings with it uncertainty and risk. All of the risks should be identified. The impact of each risk should be assessed so that they can be contained and managed. It is important to plan for contingency in the implementation or upgrade budget. GCD Consulting can provide Assessment Services to help with these issues. You can send GCD Consulting an RFI to bilberry@gcdconsulting.com

  • * Provided by IBM or IBM partner
  • ** Provided by Infor
  • † Provided by GCD Consulting or other service provider
  • ‡ Must be provided by the enterprise
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